"BIZNES meble.pl" international 1/2018

Furniture from Poland – a guarantee of quality 4
R E P O R T 6
Polish designers are crossing borders 6
I N D U S T R Y 16
News 16
New era of mergers and acquisitions. Will Polish furniture manufacturers start taking over European brands in order to build their competitive advantage? 22
Record year for furniture manufacturers. In many aspects, the year 2016 was a record year for the furniture industry in Poland. 26
If we enter the market, we want to win. Dieter and Thorsten Hilpert talk with Marek Hryniewicki. 36
A breath of Europe on 'Warsaw Home'. The second edition of 'Warsaw Home' showed that the organizers have both: the idea and the means to organise event of a really high quality and attract architects, designers and decorators. 44
We are not just a buyer of furniture. Ryszard Czerwiński and Marcin Depa, founders and members of the Board of Style Form Contract, talk with Marek Hryniewicki. 52
Furniture – Shopping habits of Polish customers. This year edition of the report 'Furniture – Shopping habits of Polish customers', the extensive sections of which we publish in this issue, is another step to understanding the phenomenon of home. 58
D E S I G N 62
I do not like monotony. Ryszard Mańczak, designer, talks with Anna Szypulska. 62
On Krystian Kowalski's backstage. It is hard to believe that only now we could see the first Polish exhibition showing in such a comprehensive way the design process. 70
PE-P students make informed choices. Katarzyna Laskowska, professor at UAP (University of the Arts Poznan) talks with Anna Szypulska. 72
Changes motivate our actions. Bartłomiej Pawlak i Łukasz Stawarski, from the Pawlak & Stawarski design studio, talk with Anna Szypulska. 76
Record breaking 'ArchiDay' 83
Designing is the fuel of my life. Joanna Sieradzan, designer, founder of the Svarog Furniture brand, talks with Anna Szypulska. 84
T E C H N O L O G Y 90
Glass universalism. Increasing application possibilities of glass in interior design makes the material became well established in Polish houses, flats and offices. 90
Beautiful and resistant. Increasing awareness of Poles regarding aesthetics and functionality causes growing number of companies offering upholstered fabrics to develop and innovate in order to meet the high demands of customers. 96
P R O D U C T 104
Multi-purpose table. In Polish houses and flats the table has a number of important functions – it is a place to eat meals, social gatherings, game centre to play with children, place to do homework and to work after hours. 104
Two beds in one 110
C H I L L O U T 113
Energy for next 20 years 113
The investment of Egger Group has started 114
More than just business. The second edition of 'Warsaw Home' (6-8 October 2017) is behind us. The strong advantage of the event – apart from the exhibition itself, about which we write on 44 page – was a substantive part, including many lectures, discussions and presentations. 115
I always have faith in what I do. It was her father who got her into exhibition business. He inspired her to work hard every day and thought to think positively. 116