Furniture 1000 – a list of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland

Furniture 1000 10 A ll published financial data come from fi- nancial statements submitted to National Court Register (KRS) and was not verified by our editorial board. This information applies to the following data: • net revenues from the sale of products, goods and materials • fixed assets • current assets • stock • cash and cash equivalents • total assets • equity capital (fund) • net profit (loss) • long-term liabilities • short-term liabilities On the other hand, the remaining published indica- tors are derived from inner calculations . Those are: • percentage change in revenue year on year • ROA • ROS • ROE • debt ratio • current ratio. Blank spacesmean that those financial datawere not included in the financial statements that we received, or we are not able to calculate individual ratios. So: • the percentage change in revenue (YOY) was not calculated if the revenue for the previous year was not provided (2018 or other available period) • ROA was not calculated when the total assets was not provided • ROE was not calculated when both its compo- nents (equity and net income) had negative value or when equity was not provided • debt ratio was not calculated when total assets or total liabilities (short-term and long-term) were not provided • the current ratio was not calculated when current assets or short-term liabilities were provided. 'Furniture 1000' presents data of the companies that have declared core business in National Court Register (KRS) from the following sections: • 31.01.Z Manufacture of office and shop furniture • 31.02.Z Manufacture of kitchen furniture • 31.03.Z Manufacture of mattresses • 31.09.Z Manufacture of other furniture The declared core business was also not verified by our editorial board. Thus the ranking may include those entities that declared manufacturing furniture in the National Court Register (KRS) yet they never actually produced furniture. On the other hand rev- enue in the companies manufacturing furniture not always is connected strictly to furniture. Financial data from the most companies come from 2019 and usually – although not always –  co- incide with the calendar year. However, the list also includes companies whose reports for 2019 at the time of the closure of 'Furniture 1000' (November 13, 2020) were not yet available in an electronic version. In those cases we present data from previous year: 2018 or any other last available period. The final order of the ranking was determined by net revenue from sale of products, goods and materi- als. We did not include in the ranking sole traders and civil partnership since those entities are not obliged by low to submitting financial statements to National Court Register (KRS). Howwas 'Furniture 1000 – a list of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland' prepared The report 'Furniture 1000 – a list of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland' contains the financial results of companies – furniture manufacturers for 2019. The list was prepared in cooperation of the ' ' monthly with the Info Veriti Polska company.